Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marie + Macarons = Perfect Parisian Pastels!

Marie Antoinette is possibly my most favourite movie ever.
I fell in love with the colour palette: perfect pastels.
In fact, this movie is pretty much chockers full of eye candy.
Gorgeous costumery and the SWEETS! Champagne and sugar tie this thing all together!
But the macarons. mmmMMMMMMmm! They are my absolute favourite part of it all.

I first stumbled across these delicious bites at ParisBreakfasts. She blogs regularly and faithfully (and slightly obsessedly) about the little delightful darlings.

She paints them, too. Check our her Etsy shop for other lovely watercolours.

Fancy sharing a pot of hot chocolate and some instant delights with me?
According to ParisBreakfasts, as a host, I must offer you the first macaron before choosing mine.
So do take one (but I want the chocolate one hehe!)


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